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Anatomical Paper Weights
Medical Paperweights - The Brain
The Brain

Medical Paperweights - The Stomach
The Stomach

Medical Paperweights - The Kidney
The Kidney

Novelty Items

Bottle opener

Medicine bottle key chain
Pen holder

Specializing in Pharmaceutical Promos

We work with our clients to produce imprinted items that are useful and needed by their target audience.

Medically related stress relievers

A great giveaway for healthcare professionals and an innovative way to brand a product. 

We can produce these stress busters in any shape or form if the required quantity is sufficient. We can also design them to look exactly like your product.

bulletLasting value that keeps your name in front of people who make decisions
bulletUnique and fun products help build customer rapport

Body part pens

A fun and memorable promo item. Years after these pens run out of ink they will still be found in the desk drawers of your customers.

Body part pens Bone pens
Laser pens

A handy presentation aid that should be included in the briefcase of anyone conducting presentations or teaching.

Aside from their usefulness, Laser Pens have a subtle aura of respectability and professionalism that is sought after by many people whether they need them or not. The perceived value of these items is extremely high.

Medical Puzzle Cubes

Say what you will, the fact is,  doctors and other health care professionals love to play with these cubes. The cubes are an interesting way for a representative to detail a physician or a nifty 'leave behind' that will make sure the physician gets the message.


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